Wellness and A Good Coach

Article by Ernie Boxall 11.01.15

“I have seen, that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a (man) to depend simply upon (himself)” Lone Man (Teton Souix)

Let’s leave aside the strictly male gender of the phrase above, it was from the 19th century. Times have changed but has the message?

Great undertaking have got to include our health and out fitness. So is it enough for us to depend upon ourselves? As a Personal Trainer I sit right there with Lone Man.

Our schedules today almost demand that sessions are maximised for the best results in the shortest time, so that unless we are wellness experts, we are probably not training and recovering correctly. We will “depend” on someone other than ourselves and that someone should have the knowledge to deliver an exercise programme and the experience to tailor it to the client’s goals, to their physical ability and also their particular attitude during the session.

The above statement doesn’t mean they can dictate the session, it means that when they say they “can’t do an exercise” in the way the coach has asked, the coach has the experience to offer a supplementary exercise that will be as effective. Over fourteen years ago I was introduced to the statement “No Pain-No Pain.” This statement saved my career and probably my life (See my bio.)

So, what is the one piece of advice I’m looking to give in this article?

Since no great undertaking can be done alone, work with someone: Work with someone qualified and someone you are comfortable with.

What are the benefits of working with a coach or personal trainer?

What can a coach do for you?

A coach can help you perform at a much higher level. Here’s how:

1. A good coach will keep you motivated. Since you’ll have to report regularly to your coach, you’ll get constant feedback and encouragement, which will keep you motivated to achieve your best. At the sessions where your energy is low, you’re not particularly looking forward to working out. If you were a gym member you might not drive out to the club. You might drive out and find your best friend sitting with a coffee and de decide to join them or your regular coach has other clients to work with. A Personal Coach will be there for you, knocking on your door and motivating you to just begin the work. My experience is these are the sessions which bring the best out of you, and your energy levels are so much higher at the end of the session that you really can give yourself a pat on the back…

“We don’t do anything I couldn’t do myself…But I wouldn’t. I pay you to knock on my door.”

2. A good coach will offer a system for success. With a system in place, you’ll be more likely to stick with it. Plus, you won’t be taking just a hit-or-miss approach to success. Whatever the system the coach has agreed with you it will have a start point, an end plan, and a guide to joining the two up. Without a system, an idea of how many reps you’ve done; how long it took you to run a set distance; how far you can stretch, all your sessions are simply guesswork.

“What can’t be measured.can’t be improved” And you need to be able to measure your progress in terms of reps, laps, pulse rate, blood pressure and pulse rate or even whether or not your face colours after exertion.

3. A good coach will help you learn to plan. Your coach will help you set goals that are realistic and design training that will help you achieve those goals. In other words, a good coach will keep you focused. There’s never just one way to reach your goals, but there’s only one way to measure where you are on the journey and that’s to have a plan. What happens when you’re not with your coach? Do you take a session off because you don’t know what exercises to do? Do you not have the knowledge of what to do next or how to do the right exercises?

There’s nothing worse for a coach than being in a gym where a member says, “I think I’ll do a few legs today.” Thinking shouldn’t come into it. To get real value for money you need to plan each days training to fit into a week’s plan; a month’s plan and a year’s plan. You should know how many reps you did last time, the time’s you were doing and where those times stood in your plan.

Plan: Prepare: Perfect..

These are just three tips for improving your health and well being in 2015. There are 5 More in a FREE REPORT that you can receive simply by E mailing me at ernie@balancehealth-fitness.co.uk

Ernie Boxall of Balance Health and Fitness spent almost forty years of his life involved in training or competing in contact sports which, over those years virtually wrecked his body. It was only fifteen years ago that he found a training system that worked with his body rather than against it.

Since then he has qualified as an Exercise Therapist and Personal Trainer working in Leamington Spa and Kenilworth. He specializes in T’ai Chi Exercise, Rehabilitation Exercise and Shiatsu Therapy, and specialises in working with the Over 50 age group.


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Balance Health & Fitness

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