Top 10 Networking tips

Article by Gary Jones 19.02.15

We all do networking for many different reasons and everyone has a tip up their sleeve that could help someone else. On the 28th January I asked the kind people of Leamington Hour what they would recommend people to do:

1. @RajSinghRainu: Networking tip: be confident & practice your elevator pitch! You never know who you’re speaking to #LeamingtonHour

2. @pinky_princess: Remember to take biz cards. I forgot last time! And don’t worry about approaching strangers.

3. @karen_cwcc: Great tip! Also setting a goal before you go makes your time count as too easy to natter to those you know! #Leamingtonhour

4. @LeamingtonHour: Be yourself and engage with everyone. Have fun and enjoy it!! #leamingtonhour

5. @LeamingtonHour: People buy from people so engage with people and find out about them! #LeamingtonHour

6. @WarwickshireOC: Oh yes a mix is imperative to stay sane online but actual interaction is important for the relationship building 🙂

7. @karen_cwcc: Hello My tip on networking would be to follow up afterwards on social media to keep in touch with new contacts. #LeamingtonHour

8. @LeamingtonHour: My best tip is just be yourself!! Be 100% of yourself and 0 of anybody else #leamingtonhour

9. @armadillosocial: I keep a Twitter list of people you want to talk to most. Then you can make sure you don’t miss them #leamingtonhour

10. @LeamingtonHour: Be organised! Arrive early and not late, Dress to impress. You can’t undo a first impression.

Hope these help and if you wanted to join us then please do. Our hour is on Wednesdays between 4-5pm. See you then!!