32 Resources to help you grow and develop

Article by Rob Cameron 04.03.15

I was skimming through the August 2009 edition of Management Today and saw a quote that was attributed to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon (Management Today, August 2009, p 19)

“What’s dangerous is not to evolve.”

This set of a chain of thoughts that led me back to a quote that I had heard in an audio by Brad Sugars, founder & CEO 

“… a business is like a tree, its either growing or dying… it cannot stand still…”

Now if you’re thinking what has that got to do with personal growth and development here is my take on it.  As business owners or employees we need to be part of a growing organization to protect and grow our incomes & wealth and provide longer-term security for our loved ones and ourselves


With the rate of change of technologies, innovations, the speed of business today and ever increasing competition, if we are not evolving, growing and developing we are going to be left behind and left behind very quickly. 


So how do you go about doing that? 


I set myself the challenge of generating a list of 20 resources that could be used to research, learn or develop new skills and knowledge and ended up with the list below. 


There may well be more. If you can think of anymorethen why not add them as a comment?


Here are the 32 that I came up with…


1.Hard print books



4.short courses

5.Formal qualification courses (degrees/diplomas)

6.DVD delivered courses

7.CD delivered courses



10.       Audio files

11.       E-mail delivered courses

12.       Webinars


14.        Seminars

15.        Conferences

16.        Mentor

17.        Coach

18.        Placements

19.        Secondments

20.        Volunteering

21.Part-time employment

22.Specialist Magazines



25.Article archives/databases such as Emerald

26.One-to-one/Peer-to-peer training

27.Web delivered courses

28.Television programmes (e.g. Open University)

29.Professional Institutions

30.Special interest societies/groups

31.Private tuition

32. Online videos