Things to Consider When Building a Community Group Website

Article by Rebecca Mason 09.03.15

So, you’ve decided your community group needs a website…but, what do you have to consider?  Here are a few points to get you on the right track!

In the beginning:


✓ The first thing to consider is, do you build thecommunity group website in-house, or, get company to build it for you?  It is cheapest to build it yourself, but, make sure someone in your team has the time, plus, ability to build and maintain the website.


✓ The second thing to do is to choose and register domain name (web address) for your community group website.  This should be is easy to remember for your members/potential members.  You can find out if the domain name you would like to use can be used here


✓ The third thing to do is decide on the purpose of your community group website and build your contend around the purpose, e.g., keep existing/potential members of your group informed about events, tell the community what your do and get new members, raise money etc.   

The pointers below are things to consider when you are building your community group website:


✓ Be clear and concise on your website.  Explain briefly what your community group does, where you do it, who you are looking for to be part of the team, up coming events etc without using too many words, it helps keep people on your website.  Also, ensure the font style and size are easy to read, as well as the colours you use throughout your website are pleasing to the eye and make the text stand out.


✓ Have different pages for different aspects of your community group so people can easily find the information they want e.g. home page/what we do, contact us, events, meet the team, how to join/be part of the team…but, don’t have too many pages as it can be overwhelming.


✓ Make sure people can easily move between each page on your website, have a bar at the top, or, side with each page which can be accessed.

✓ Make sure people can follow you on your social media platforms from your website…but make sure you use the platform regularly so you look active and up to date.

✓ Make it easy to contact your community group via email and phone from the website...however, ensure you have someone within your community group who can answer the dedicated email and phone line.  Be clear if there is a time which is best to call e.g. after 6pm.

✓ Make it easy for people to know how to join your community group from the website.

✓ Have relevant pictures/photographs on your community group website…but make sure you follow copy right laws.  The easiest thing to do is to take photographs yourself of your group members, building, events etc.  All you have to do is get permission from those who will be in the photographs to use them on the website.

✓ Ensure any videos you place onto your community group website look professional and add value to your website.

Two Key Things TDo Once You Have Built Your Community Group Website.


The first key thing which should not be overlooked is to ensure someone who is not in your community group can understand the website and navigate it easily…get someone to view andreview it before you make it live, but…ask someone who will point out errors and won’t just say it’s great!


The second key thing about your website is you should review your website to keep it fresh and up to date with what your community group is doing. Make sure if you have events coming up they are on the website, recent pictures from events should be uploaded onto the website.  Plus, add recent news stories about what you have done so people can see that you are continually doing things!    

For further advice on the aesthetics, usability, or, pointers for a website, please feel free to contact me


Written by Rebecca Mason, Owner of RM Troubleshooter.