8 things that you are stopping you right now from getting as much stuff done as you could

Article by Rob Cameron 25.03.15


Amongst the most frequent problems that I hear from people I work with is that they are so busy, that they do not have time for important things, do not have time for planning their businesses or careers and they do not have time for their families, friends or hobbies.

Now, the thing to remember is that time is our most valuable asset. We all have a finite time on this earth and what we do with that time defines what we become, what we have and what we do in life. Time can only be spent; it cannot be replenished or saved.

Everyone on this earth is given the same deposit of time at the start of each day, we are all given 1440 minutes to use as we wish. What is it though, that separates those that achieve so much with their time from those that achieve little or nothing? 

Well, it is how they manage themselves and how they choose to utilise their time. Those who achieve so much are avoiding the following 8 things that you are stopping you right now from getting as much stuff done as you could.


– Distractions, things that you do to avoid getting on with the your important tasks. Things such as purposeless time on Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites, mindless web browsing, games (Farmville, candy crush saga etc) and most email
– Interruptions, in this case it could be people ‘dropping by’, nuisance/not important phone calls & various notifications that entice us to look at emails, texts and other messages
– No Deadlines. Have you ever noticed how much you can get done on the day before you go on holiday? Deadline drives activity, it is easy to get distracted and allow interruptions if you have not deadline!
– Getting overwhelmed, there are two cases here, which are having too many things to do or having too big a task and not knowing where to start.
– Fear, the most common of which are fear of failure and fear of success
– Perfectionism, not completing a task or activity as you think there is more to add or it is not ‘perfect’
– Span of attention. It is very hard, if not impossible, to maintain full attention and focus on an activity for prolonged periods.


And finally the biggest one of all for me…


– Lack of clarity. Not knowing what you want to achieve (vision/goals – The what) and why you want to achieve them (purpose – the why) is the biggest reason for not using time effectively. 


There are a number of things that you can do to avoid these. If you’d like to find out more about these, what you can do to counteract them and more about personal effectiveness then watch this video (link: http://ignitioncoaching.co.uk/2015/03/7-demons-to-getting-stuff-done/)