20 Positive Affirmations to Drive Your Business to the Next Level

Article by Mita Mistry 08.04.15


Did you know that many successful businesses namely Nike and Dyson practice repeating mantras or positive affirmations? Did you know that positive affirmations actually help you to keep calm, de-stress and focus yourmind for enhanced performance and take your business to the next levelLet me tell you about it.


Mantras have been around for centuries in almost every culture and religion across the globe. They can be incredibly powerful because the words that are chanted link your intention to thought and then to action to manifest your dreams and ambitions. Mantras originate from the Sanskrit language, rooted in religious philosophy. The well-known mantra Om Namah Shivayagoverns the Chakras and the Five Elements, Water, Earth, Fire, Water and Wood.  The vibration made from chanting this mantra over and over balances these energy centres promoting well-beingAffirmations work on a similar concept, by repeating a positive word or phraseover and over can alter your state of mind.


You see, your mind is very powerful and it is directlyinfluenced by your thoughts and experiencesIf you believe the phrase “you are what you think then life does truly stem from your thoughts. Think about it, if you are told you look ill or tired, you may start to question if you are well, a negative thought cycle is bound to startThis doubt or fear is negative energy andyou and I are surrounded by negative influences daily from bad news in the media to complaining customers.  Equally issues in your business can have a massive negative influence on your motivation and effectiveness. You may feel anxious that deadlines are not being met, the pipeline is drying up or that you are not getting the best out of your employees. When anxiety and negative thoughts repeat over and over you start telling yourself that you’ll never be successful. This in itself can cause failures.


You cannot rely purely on your thoughts to drive you to success; you must translate thoughts into words and words into actions to manifest your intentions. This means speaking with words that cultivate your highest good. Positive affirmations can help you to purify your thoughts by breaking negative thought cyclesempowering you to verbally reassure your dreams and ambitions. Like exercise, affirmations are a proven method of self-improvement as they release feel good hormones restructuring your brain to form positive thought.


Don’t get me wrong, you can’t succeed by simply thinking positively nor will chanting affirmations substitute hard work however taking your business to the next level requires a lot of thoughtful consideration involving left brain thinking. Albert Einstein said, Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions. Indeed, yourvision of success and what you want for your business will drive you to make it happen and that is where positive affirmations can be a valuable asset. Your business does not exist in a vacuum, real sustainable results happen when you are in alignment with your personal values and business goals. The following are examples of concrete affirmations that can take your business to the next level. You can create your own based on personal dreams or try repeating those that are pertinent to you daily. See the difference over a few weeks.Most importantly you have to BELIEVE in them and SAY them with conviction to MAKE IT HAPPEN in the real world.


1. I am a knowledgeable and efficient leader
2. I am not afraid to lead my business to greatness
3. am creating new and loyal customers every week

4. I have a successful business with great people to help me
5. Opportunities and advantages come with each door that I open
6. My business is filled with an abundance of wealth
7. I am in tune with the latest trends in my industry
8. My professional reputation is solid
9. Everyday in every way I am becoming more prosperous
10. feel good about the way I run my business
11. I am prepared to overcome any challenge
12. My business vision remains clear and focused 
13. I am dedicated to giving excellent service in everything I do 
14. Prosperity and success is my natural state of mind
15. I have positive relationships with everyone who I work with 
16. I create my success with my skills, talents, and positive attitude.
17. I am now creating financial freedom
18. I picture abundance for myself and others
19. I have created the perfect business for myself
20. My possibilities are endless.

Your thoughts are the most important personal asset you have to achieve your dreams and business goals. When you master your thoughts you can master your business and drive it to the next level… You have the power to make it happen