Transform from Flab to Fab this Summer

Article by Daniel Browne 08.06.15

Spring has sprung and now summer is upon us (fingers crossed for plenty of sunshine). It’s a time when many of us begin to think about going to the seaside or spending sunny days at the park. The arrival of summer canindeed be a happy, positive, uplifting time. However it can also fill many of us with dread as we think about having to contend with having our out of shape bodies on display in front of fit and healthy people. Insecurities can begin to rear their head.

When asked what most people enquire about hypnotherapy for, I always say that the ‘big two’ are weight loss and quitting smoking. If I had to pick one it would be weight loss, or weight management as I prefer to call it.

The reason for calling it weight management hypnotherapy is because if you lose something, you may try to find it.

It’s true to say that hypnotherapy can be great for people who want to manage their weight and become healthier. The results can be spectacular, with some people shedding stones of weight. Obviously that is amazing, but do you want to know something even more amazing? There is no dieting in weight management hypnotherapy.

That’s right, there are no restrictive diets and no cutting out certain foods. Weight management hypnotherapy works by accessing your subconscious mind and basically reprogramming it. It asks you to reassess youreating habits rather than simply telling you cut things out of your diet. Hypnotherapy can help you to take pride in your body and swap bad habits for more positive ones. I also work on the basis that you are not fat, but you have fat and therefore can choose to not have fat.

I often have people emailing or phoning up asking if I can help them to stop eating. Clearly it wouldn’t be good if I helped you to stop eating completely, but hypnotherapy can absolutely help you reach your goal weight, and relatively quickly too.

It’s not easy to shift weight and achieve your goal. I know because I have been there. I was once three stone heavier than I am now. During my journey to reach an acceptable weight (a journey I am still on) I have tried everything. I soon discovered that diets don’t work and that it’s a sensible plan that brings results. The following are things that I have found to work: 

• Keep a food diary. You may think you know what you are eating, but it’s pretty much a given that if you keep a food diary for just one week you will see that you eat more than you are realising or the wrong kinds of food. Keeping a food diary will allow you to see where you are going wrong and think about how to make it better. Also write down how you are feeling when you eat something. It’s often surprising to see what patterns emerge.
• Find the most awful picture of you looking fat and put it on your fridge. This will serve as a motivational tool when you reach for something you shouldn’t be eating.
• Speak to your friends and family about wanting to reduce your weight and ask them for support. This may be embarrassing, but a good family member and a true friend will be happy to help. They may be able to provide the motivational kick up the backside that’s needed.
• Don’t count calories. You may find it takes over and you begin to worry about the calorie content of everything you eat. While it’s good to be mindful of what you are eating and how healthy something is, I’m not sure that it’s healthy to continually count calories.
• Remember that there will be good weeks and bad weeks. It’s ok if you put on a pound or two one week if you are reducing your weight the rest of the time. We all have peaks and troughs, so it’s ok for there to be an occasional blip. Remain focused on your goal and you’ll get there.
• Don’t deny yourself the odd treat. I’m a big believer in being healthy most of the week and then having an ‘off day’. If you deny yourself something, such as chocolate, then you will only crave it even more. So have a set day for when you can indulge. I find Sundays are the best day for that; being good all week and then having a weekend treat. Just be wary of going overboard. You don’t want to undo all the effort put in during the week.


They are my top tips for managing your weight and if you give them a try you may well find that the pounds start falling off. Summer may be upon us, but you still have the time and power to shift those extra pounds and feel good as you transform from flab to fab.