The Sex Worker…would you employ her?

Article by Ernie Boxall 31.08.15


 As a business owner wouldn’t you happily do business with a woman can provide excellent service to clients from the “City.”  A woman who is able to converse on a wide range of topics from art, through dance and on to marketing and high level IT programming. A woman who has achieved some of the highest grades from University. A woman who you must trust with absolute secrecy?

 You would do business with a woman who has to be able to plan and schedule her day with military precision and total accuracy, so that no two appointments overshoot. A woman who is comfortable taking charge of a situation or can listen carefully to detail. A woman who loves her job?

I have met such a woman. She is a “Sex Worker,”

 So how did I come to know such a sordid, whore? A question I asked myself after spending a weekend with her. And “NO” I did not know at the time what her work was. We had met at an art gallery where she exhibited some of her work and although we had spoken a few times I had no thoughts of any relationship. One evening I was performing poetry and she asked to come along, and she made the evening one of the best I’d had in a long time. Very well dressed and not too much make up, it was a pleasure to escort her into the room. At the end of the evening she drove me home and we simply said good night.

 Over the next two weeks we met for coffee and chatted about art, about her love of dancing and her work in technology. It was great to talk to someone with such a wide range of interests. Eventually, she invited me to stay with her down near London and I happily accepted. Yes we had sex and it was outstanding because she was absolutely relaxed and enjoyed everything about making a man comfortable. She offered advice on how best to please her and certainly did all she could to please me. But I’m asking you not to stop reading. 

Ask yourself what the hell this has to do with a blog about business?

 I go back to my first paragraphs. The lady told me of how she turned to the business after her partner had become abusive and stole many of the paintings she was selling to live. She had to make a very quick decision, in order to be able to carry on living in the accommodation she was renting. As an artist she knew of other women who had worked in the sex industry and believed that it would be a short term solution to a Man-Made problem.

 An intelligent woman, she knows that her marketing has to be congruent to attract clients able to afford the fee she set herself. She has to make sure her flat is presentable and most importantly that she is able to get regular checks against STD’s. She has to be as safe as possible and make certain, through questions and on-line research, that her clients are who they say they are. This is where her university skills come in a thorough and detailed business woman. Her Yes or No to an appointment depends upon the research she does.

 So, once the client as contacted her through her website she is very detailed and precise about her research into his background, if that checks out there is telephone or e mail contact, where her inter-personal and marketing skills come to the fore. Precise times, dates and arrangements for discretion are made. Her price is agreed and the booking taken.

 The client arrives to meet a well-dressed woman or a well-dressed woman arrives to an appointment at hotels or restaurants where her presence raises no comment, because she fits in. Her research has also brought up details of her clients background or work so she has prepared her opening lines to show the client she has taken an interest in him. The ability to hold this conversation is a vital part of her etiquette, as important to her as the sexual side of the exchange. The lady holds qualifications in counselling and psychology which means her listening skills are excellent. 

 We have to talk about the reason the client has booked her. Most often it is repeat business, satisfied clients who have enjoyed her company in the past. Men who have happy marriages in fact but for whom there is an imbalance in sexual compatibility or through international travel. Sexual opportunity with their partners. Men who have lost their wives to illness or tragedy: Men who have been looking after their partners through degenerative complaints: Men who are in town for a weekend and desire intelligent company and conversation. Men who know that the lady is sexually clean, doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs or divulge any information about them. These men are CEO’s, men who could be brought down by scandal. They trust her implicitly.They trust her honesty and the fact that she is authentic in her enjoyment of connecting with people. They pay well for an hour, two hours or up to an evening with her willingly.


 I ask my initial question: If this woman presented herself for a position with her qualifications only, would you employ her? If you then learnt of her qualifications plus the work sheis involved in, would you still employ her?

She is still my friend and I am her safety call. Does that change you impression of me. I’d love to see your comments and arguments.


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