Networking Hours on Twitter

Article by Gary Jones (Leamington Hour) 16.09.15
Networking on Twitter is easy and simple to do. There are many ways, hints and tips to do it but my personally favourite way is using one of many networking hours. 
The list below gives you an example of when the networking hours are.
Sunday’s Hours 
7.00pm- @Craft_Hour 
8.00pm- @waleshour @Brumhour
9.00pm– @EnglandHour
Monday’s Hours 
7pm- @SutColHour @asianweddinghr @MusicHourUK 
7.30pm- @Dorset_Hour
8.00pm– @worcesterhour @EnterpriseHour @TradesHubHour @HertsHour @Harrogatehour @YateleyHour @ClacksHour @RushmoorHour
8.30pm– @Brighton_Hour @wighthour 
9.00pm- @EastMidsHour @NewquayHour @MotorHour @VenueHour
Tuesday’s Hours
11.00am– @KenBizHour
7.00pm- @SolihullHour @blkcountryhour @geek_hour @CoalvilleHour 
7.30pm-  @Dartmoor_Hour
8.00pm-  @WestMidsHour
@BromsgroveHour @Plymouth_Hour  @lancasterhour @Doncaster_Hour @eastdevonhour @derby_hour @FleetHour @EYorksHour @chestertweetsuk @wetherbyhour 
Wednesday’s Hours
4.00pm- @LeamingtonHour 
6.00pm– @Dudleyhour1 
7.00pm- @OxHour
7.30pm- @CornwallHour
8.00pm- @Devon_Hour, @CharityHourUK
@StirlingHour @MidlandsHour @Leicester_Hour @nuneatonhour @DroitwichHour @warwickhour
9.00pm- @weddinghour @weddingaffair
Thursday’s Hours
11.00am- @SUAHour
6.30pm- @Tamworthhour
7.00pm- @alcesterhour @cannockhour @KenilworthHr 
8.00pm- @CovHour @WarksHour @KiddyHour @BlackpoolBiz @Exeter_Hour @LeicsHour @TeessideHour 
8.30pm- @RugbyHour
Friday’s and Saturday are free.
If you would like to be added to the list then please let me know. 
I hope you found this useful and enjoy the hours!
All the best,
Gary Jones
(Grow Leamington and Leamington Hour)