Did you go to the same place for your summer holiday this year

Article by Mandy Sutton 28.09.15

I like to think my family is adventurous but when I look back we have been creatures of habit. I know though when we have tried something new we’ve often liked it and there’s so much more to explore!  I remember howling gales in Fuertaventura but the breathtaking awe I felt the first time I saw the Trossachs. Most people are like that when it comes to computer operating systems. There are some of us grimly sticking to Windows XP although there have been three versions since then. And just last month we have Windows 10! This resistance to change doesn’t seem to affect MAC users in the same way so I’m really talking to the Microsoft fans.

Which OS? The good ones seem to come along alternately .

• Windows Me was not a great success but XP blew us all away.
• I found Vista a pain, W7 a joy.
• W8 has its problems for desktop users so I’m hoping 10 will be the holy grail.

XP is no longer supported (meaning no more security updates) but W7 will go on until 2020.


July saw the launch of Windows 10. “Why no 9?” I hear you ask. Well there’s a lot of talk about this and these are a few of the reasons suggested so pick your favourite:

• They started on 9 and decided to start again as it all went wrong
• There will be no more numbers of Windows, just a gradually evolving system so they wanted to end on a round number.
• They are so pleased with it, they think it’s a perfect 10 (those of a certain age will know what the photo is about)
• It’s to keep up with Apple who are on version 10
• The number 9 is considered unlucky in Japan.
• It might get confused with Windows 95 or 98
• They want to get as far as possible away from Windows 8

So Window 10 it is and with it come some EXCITING new things to tempt you.

• Start Menu is back
• Easier to switch between windows and see what you have open
• Multiple desktops so you can have a group of items open together
• Cortana – an “intelligent” digital personal assistant for answering your questions and setting reminders etc
• Voice recognition
• Faster to start up and generally quicker
• Better for games
• It’s free to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8

I’m just about to take the plunge. I’ll go there so you don’t have to – I’ll check out all the beauty spots and the best places to eat alfresco and warn you away from the gremlins.

If you’ve already upgraded, do let me know how you got on.

If you’d like to change after your rest this summer, but you’d like some help moving everything over etc then let me know. You never know – this could be the best “something new” you ever tried!

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