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Article by Neil Porter 30.09.15

 Everyone has surely heard of it, and it is very often the way by which so many people will add images to their websites and marketing materials. 

It is cheap, there is a huge amount of choice, and it is quick because the images are already available. 

I believe it has its place – if you are looking for an image that would be nigh on impossible to obtain from using a photographer, such as a skyscraper shot if you are in the Norfolk broads or something totally mundane such as a set of keys – then it really is the place to go. 

Even when using stock image sites – please do check very carefully on the licence terms of the image you select and what you will be using the image for – it can be a minefield and still leave you liable to additional licencing costs far higher than paying a photographer.  

All that said – I really believe that using stock photography for all your images is something which really doesn’t reflect your business. It lacks authenticity. Honesty. Integrity. 

You all know those images to which I refer, a team of people with pearly white smiles, a water soaked apple or the best of all – a woman with a headset. 

I would put them in here – but then I would be breaking licencing terms! 

The biggest concern of all is the risk of that image having been used by a competitor, a customer, a supplier. Despite there being so many images available it does seem that the same, or incredibly similar images, appear on so many websites & marketing materials now. 

My aim is to get all small businesses across Warwickshire to understand that hiring a professional to capture your business, your people, the story behind your journey is both affordable and far better to showcase who you are and what you do – it will only help to build trust between you and both your customers and new prospects. 

Be Unique. Be genuine. Be Real. 

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