My First Charity Bike Event

Article by Gary Jones (Leamington Hour) 05.10.15


“I have an idea?……..” Was how this all started. In September 2012, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and my team at work. I was inspired after the Olympics and wanted to push myself.

So I decided that a sporting challenge based in Oxford would be perfect (Oxford was where I was based when I managed Ernest Jones at the time). I wanted to link it to Oxford so I found it was twinned with many place’s. An idea had been formed so I looked into the logistics of cycling to them.

Almost straight away Bonn in Germany looked good and being 440 miles away, I thought we could do it in 5 days. LA Fitness would supply the bike and the Clarendon Centre (Where my store was located) would be the location.

2 month’s later and a little training done and we had a plan.


Plan of Attack!!!

Day 1- From Oxford to the Channel Tunnel- 97.96 miles (156.73km)
Day 2-Channel tunnel to Avenue De France- 73.38 miles (117km)
Day 3- Avenue De France to E411 (Belgium) 118.50 miles (190.70km)
Day 4- E411 (Belgium) to A44 (Germany) 92.30 miles (147km)
Day 5- A44 (Germany) to Bonn (Germany) 57.85 miles (92.56km)

The plan was set and the bike was ready by 9.30am so it was ready to go.

The main plan was for me to do the majority of the riding and when other people were available they would help out to.

To do that we had a rota for people to go on the bike. That way I knew when I was going to be on the bike. The planning before was stressful but during the event it worked out.

The application was straight forward. I rode when the bike was free and when one of the team was on I had a break.

We started riding at 9am and finish between 4.30-5.30pm (the bike had to be locked up in the shop at night). We hit the target distances everyday and we actually got ahead of schedule. We rode as a unit and everyone helped out.


At 12.30pm we finish the 441.8miles (709.97km) in 28 hours & 17 minutes.

We raised over £1600 for Marie Curie over the 5 day’s, had a good time on the bike and raised awareness of cycling in the Clarendon Centre.

A big thank to the team of rider’s who helped, LA Fitness for supporting the event and the equipment, The Clarendon Centre for the venue and Ernest Jones who supported the event from the start. Without you guy’s we would never of finished it and raised what we did!!!

Below is the statistics of each day. 

Day 1-  Thursday 15th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 175.34 km

Total Time Rode- 6 hour and 28 minutes

Number of Riders- 5


Day 2- Friday 16th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 140.25 km

Total Time Rode- 5 hours and 51 minutes

Number of Riders- 5


Day 3- Saturday 17th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 197.03 km

Total Time Rode- 7 hours and 26 minutes

Number of Riders- 5


Day 4- Sunday 18th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 137.28 km

Total Time Rode- 5 hours and 41 minutes

Number of Riders- 4


Day 5- Monday 19th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 60.01 km

Total Time Rode- 2 hours and 44 minutes

Number of Riders- 3

If you are interested in completing one of these events or want to have a chat about organising or sponsoring one then please let me know. 

Al the best,

Gary Jones

(Leamington Hour and Grow Leamington)