Why I became Self-Employed

Article by Jackie Richards 14.10.15

I started up my business because I want to make a difference to people’s lives, developing them through my training and coaching to become better managers and people!  I found that the restrictions of being employed and the politics involved in HR roles prevented me at times from doing this.  

As I became more experienced as a contractor I also struggled to adapt to the HR approaches in some of the organisations I worked for.  Some were bureaucratic when solving employee relations cases, leaving the individual fretting for months wondering whether they were going to have a job or not.  As I’ve mentioned in my blog “How to tackle your bullying boss”, some HR Directors I’ve come across were bullies and controlled the management team, not allowing them to think or develop themselves, as a result the organisations were standing still.  It was frustrating to witness this and feelpowerless about doing anything to change it.

The freedom of being self-employed will give me the opportunity to do the work I love and in the long run, provide me with the work-life balance I desire to do the other things I’m passionate about, such as walking and travelling.  I now have the time and freedom to share my knowledge and expertise with others, helping them grow as individuals, so it becomes more a part of my life, rather than a luxurious add on to my other responsibilities.  For me now, there is no going back to the world of employment – I am determined to succeed!

What’s your story?  I would love to hear it…..

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