The Power Of Mindfulness – 28 Days to a Happier, Healthier, Calmer YOU 

Article by Mita Mistry 04.11.15

You may have read my article, The Mindfulness Revolution and how it is taking the world by storm. In a nutshell athletes, celebrities, CEO’s of large companies as well as schools and small business owners are using it. The chances are you have come across this hot buzzword “mindfulness”. Why? Because as we strive to become better and brighter we are burning out and that is real life.
 I don’t need to sell mindfulness to you as it is scientifically proven to help anxiety, depression, OCD, addictions, stress and workplaces and schools use it to enhance performance. So, in theory it makes a lot of sense to advocate mindfulness to your employees, whatever the size of your business and to practice it yourself. But it’s not that easy to do or a quick fix overnight. Let me tell you about my own journey into mindfulness and how I can help you…

I have been practicing mindfulness for over 25 years. It was introduced me to in 1988 by my father when we visited a Guru who gave us personalised mantras/affirmations to use every morning along with a short time for contemplation. I practiced this most days until my early 20s (1993) but sadly had no time for it after joining the rat race. During the rat race I still read inspirational texts (E. tolle, Wayne Dyer and many, many more) but the inner calm I once knew was not there.

In 2002 after several stressful life events I went back to finding this calm space within me to cope with it all. I came across a local Buddhist temple near Leamington Spa where I would retreat to feel peace amongst the chaos around me. Sitting in lotus position for 90 minutes adorned with incense, hearing wisdom from monks in saffron robes was incredibly inspiring and calming. It helped to deepen my mindfulness practice and feel creative and calm again. Since then I have continued with it and have used it to help my children feel happy and confident.

As an acupuncturist and mindfulness coach, treating the root cause of illness is essential and that means I work with clients to help manage stress and release negative emotions. Seeing clients’ access their inner calm how it can boost their wellbeing and transform their life is very rewarding and everyone should have access to this. So I have been writing about mindfulness in magazine features and my newspaper columns because I want to share the benefits of connecting with your inner calm with EVERYONE and ANYONE can do this regardless of age, background, gender or beliefs. My passion to share this has reached another level after healing and coping with a horrendous bike crash in June 2015.

So while I have been recovering from the bike crash, I have created a unique 28 Day Mindfulness Program that combines ancient healing techniques with science. You may not have time to attend a formal training program or funds to employ a mindfulness guru or sit in the lotus position for an hour and a half a day. So I have created a unique way for you to start getting mindful and apply it to all aspects of your life. You can enjoy the benefits of learning these skills and tools in the comfort of your own home or workplace, anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

 I want to share the Power of Mindfulness with you as it has helped to transform my life and get through very stressful times and I have seen it change the lives of many, many people in my clinic… I highly recommend it if you want help to stay alert, focused, calm, less stressed and experience greater happiness and wellbeing as well as being more productive and creative.

If you would like to know more about this programme and how it can help you or your employees or family and friends then please drop me an email on.