Hands Up If……

Article by Simon Perkin 25.01.15

Let’s ask, when you are asked this ‘hands up if’ question. (we are talking about typical day to day activities and not life or death or extreme situations).
What is, typically, the very first thought that runs through your mind ? Ok, we can all say, well, it depends. I am NOT giving you that easy option. Afterall, is not a good life all about making good decisions and taking part? So, do we tend to go with one of the following or something completely different ?

Option 1. Is it? 

Here we go again, and you are thinking – ‘I am already overwhelmed and stressed out and what do they really want this time ?’

Option 2. Or is it ? 

‘Yippee, I am really looking forward to whatever they throw at me ?’
Well, what do you think ? Do we have a choice ? 
I believe, it’s only, if or when, we truly understand the few vital things that make us healthy and happy, we can make a true commitment to put our hands up.
As ever, I’ll be interested in how you see it and if you put your hand up next time round. Will it be, with with more or less confidence ? Or maybe, you’ll choose a completely different approach ? 
Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year.

Simon Perkin