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Article by Diane Clark 26.02.16

I’m Diane Clark the owner of Pilates with Diane. I’ve been practising Pilates for 10 years. I started attending Pilates classes at my local Leisure Centre as well as working out in the Gym and going swimming. After only a few sessions I was “hooked” on Pilates and haven’t looked back since.

Every week I’ll be bringing you a new exercise that you can try. 

This week- Heel Taps

Strengthen the abs as well as toning the bottom (glutes) and mobilising the hip joints

Lie down in position (1) and find neutral spine. Pull up the pelvic floor muscles and feel a slight tension in the abdominal muscles by breathing the navel towards the spine. Ensure the abs are engaged throughout the exercise.

1. Lay with the back in neutral spine and arms down by the side of the body.

2. Inhale to prepare and one by one lift the knees into “table top” position above

3. Exhale and slowly tap the right heel towards or onto the mat/floor.

4. Inhale and return the foot and knee to position 2

5. Exhale and lower the left heel to the mat/floor

6. Inhale it slowly back up to “table top”
Repeat up to 10 times each leg. Be careful not to arch the back when lowering the leg. 

If the heel doesn’t meet the mat at first you can always tap the toe instead – see below
I hope these exercises give you a little insight into Pilates …. 

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