The 7.1 Key Steps to Building Your Authority Online

Article by Sam Thiara 02.03.16

When Tony Robbins wrote his book “Re-Awaken the Giant Within” it opened people’s imaginations about what is truly possible for them to improve their lives. Tony wrote his book to help millions across the world unleash the ‘forces’ inside themselves, helping break through any self-limiting beliefs and enhancing their lives.

Tony wanted to share his message to the world and he has pretty much achieved this, in part it has to do with the tremendous leverage and scale of the internet as a platform to share and promote his beliefs, cause(s) and his businesses. If you think Coca Cola has a global reach then Tony is a close second.
Tony is a master at creating “information products” allowing him to extend his reach to those, close and far from him by 

Leveraging the Power of Internet Marketing & Social Media

Could you do the same?

If you have a skill, belief, cause or expertise the answer is “yes you can”.

Gone are the days when you need huge budgets to get your voice heard and your authority recognised.

Your talents should never remain a hidden ‘secret’. The single most important asset you own is not your money, your house, your business or your investments …. It’s what resides in you, and how you can enhance the lives of those in your community.
So, no matter if you are an [E]mployee, [B]usiness Owner or [S]elf Employed you whatever industry you happen to be you be can be part of the new wave of [I]nternet Entrepreneurs who are building their own information products, sharing their voice and authority and helping to build security for themselves in ever competitive times.

The Internet is truly an equal opportunity platform; no matter what your experience, no matter the size of your budget and no matter where you happen to be. As long as you have a passion for what you belief in you have the chance to do what Tony has achieved. This may only be to dominate your niche, your local business community or an entire industry; the means are at your disposal.

This is part of my series of 7.1 blogs to help you design, create and market your own e-book, a highly effective way to share your personal, career or business expertise, helping you to elevate your personal brand, promote your unique skills and generate greater interest in your business.

Step 1 – Establish Your Vision

Step 2 – Clarify Your Unique Value

Step 3 – Identify Your Ideal Market

Step 4 – Build Your Community

Step 5 – Ask Your Community about their desires/problems they need to resolve

Step 6 – Create a Solution

Step 7 – Launch Your E-book

Step 7.1 – Create and Market Your E-book in less than 30 days  


Look out for my next blog.


Sam Thiara,

International Sales Manager, Internet Marketer & Trainer.