Roll-Back with Leg Lifts

Article by Diane Clark 04.03.16


I’m Diane Clark the owner of Pilates with Diane. I’ve been practising Pilates for 10 years. I started attending Pilates classes at my local Leisure Centre as well as working out in the Gym and going swimming. After only a few sessions I was “hooked” on Pilates and haven’t looked back since.

Every week I’ll be bringing you a new exercise that you can try. 

This week- Roll- Backs

Roll-Backs mobilise the spine also strengthening the abdominals & the lower back. You are also stretching out the outer thigh & hamstrings when you carry out the leg-lifts.

This is an intermediate level exercise that can be done with or without the Pilates ball in the small of the back

1 Sit up with a straight back and knees bent with abs engaged.

Inhale and bring arms out at shoulder height.

2 Exhale and slowly roll back, curving the upper back and slightly hollowing the stomach.

Keep feet on the floor and a small space between the chin and the collar bone.

3 Inhale and Lift left leg up and out.

4 Exhale and lower the leg at the same time as rolling back up to position 1.

5 Exhale and slowly return to position 1.

Repeat positions 1-4 with the Right leg and altogether carry out 8 to 10 repetitions on each side.

To make the exercise harder you can lengthen the legs out as in the photo below. But this is an advanced move.

Another option is not to have the Pilates Ball in the small of your back.

Look out for next week’s instalment from Pilates with Diane.


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