Let’s Get Swimming – Together 

Article by Jo Wilson 07.03.16

Swimming is a great way to keep fit; it is a non-impact sport so great for anyone who needs gentle exercise. When you have kids there is no need to stop enjoying your swim. Why not simply give swimming ‘with them’ a try.

Here are a few suggestions of how to swim with your baby and toddler ….

These swim activities can also be adapted for older children too. But, of course when they can swim short distances, it is fun to swim together and encourage little races too.

1. Babies Under 6 Months

Babies under 6 months generally haven’t started to sit up and are more comfortable on their backs. Try swimming with a woggle around your back and pop baby gently on your shoulder, cheek to cheek. Talk to them, kiss them; they will enjoy the swim ride with you. For more confident swimmers, try swimming without a woggle, it will give you more freedom of movement in the water.  2. Babies over 6 Months and Toddlers

Older babies and toddlers will enjoy faster paced swimming; try swimming with them on woggles, on kick boards, or riding on your back.   Swimming together not only has lots of benefits for you, but your child will become confident and have fun in the water too. In our lessons each week, we always have a part in the lesson that we teach our parents how to swim with their child.  
How many calories you burn will of depend on lots of factors, but a half an hour gentle swim for the average adult burns up to 200 calories in half an hour. So that could help burn off those Christmas mince pies!
Have fun and be safe, remember to always supervise your children around water.

Jo Wilson runs and teaches for the local Baby and Preschool Swim School, Little Splashers. They teach across Warwickshire and have four different pools in the Warwick/Leamington area. For more information, please visit http://www.littlesplashers.co.uk