The Key To Success using LinkedIn

Article by Dawn Adlam 09.03.16

We are well into 2016 now, I hope the year has started off well. 

Speaking to a couple of people recently we had conversations about using LinkedIn as a sales generation tool. 

The question: What happens when you get a new connection you don’t yet know?
The answer: I send them information all about my company and what we do.

The Solution: Please don’t do this! No one likes being sold to, so don’t do it to them. Should you be “selling” on LinkedIn or should you be “helping people to buy”? There is a huge difference here. Look at your sales process, how many people have brought from you previously but you have never actually spoken to them? You have never engaged them in a conversation or offered to help them.

The next step once you have a new connection is arrange a follow conversation with them. Can you work together, is there a strategic alliance opportunity? Start building a relationship together before you send me a price list! 

The other question is should you connect to everyone who asks? My advice would be to respond to the person (without connecting) and ask them why they want to connect and how can you help? This is easy to do – in your pending invitations click on the speech bubble of that person and reply without connecting. 
Having a good strong set of 1st line of connections has far more value than 1000’s of people you have never actually spoken to.
I am always happy to offer help and have conversations, sometimes the slightest change to your Profile or a response to new connections can make a massive difference to using LinkedIn as an effective sales and marketing tool.

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Dawn Adlam

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