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Article by Diane Clark 11.03.16 

I’m Diane Clark the owner of Pilates with Diane. I’ve been practising Pilates for 10 years. I started attending Pilates classes at my local Leisure Centre as well as working out in the Gym and going swimming. After only a few sessions I was “hooked” on Pilates and haven’t looked back since.

Every week I’ll be bringing you a new exercise that you can try. 

This week- Dart and Cat Stretch 

Dart strengthens the lower back whilst mobilising the thoracic spine also working the inner thighs in order to keep the legs on the floor.

When you turn the palms towards the ceiling and then rotate the arms so that the palms touch the thighs (2) the Rhomboids in the shoulders are being worked.

The rhomboids are muscles located in the upper back and part of the Rotator Cuff group. These help with our posture. 
Inhale to prepare, whilst face and shoulders on the mat.    Exhale to lift head & shoulders off the mat at the same time (keep chest on the mat) turning hands to touch thighs.

 Inhale & lower back to start, turning the palms back to face the ceiling 

Repeat 8-10 times.

Finish with Cat pose to relax the back after the back extension.

Diane teaches Pilates classes in Harbury, Ufton, Southam and Leamington. Classes are small, between 8 & 10 clients so Diane’s able to give help or advice when necessary through the class.


If you’d rather have Personal (1:1) Pilates tuition then contact Diane for more details.


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