How can Pilates with Diane help you?

Article by Diane Clark 18.03.16

Pilates improves core strength which in turn will help your posture. It tones all parts of the body and is especially good for easing low level back pain. Not only does it work your body but as you are concentrating on the lateral breathing pattern and what movements you are doing it is also working your mind. Many clients have said although they know they have worked out after a class they feel relaxed and stretched out too.

“I now have improved mobility in my shoulder” – Southam College Class Client

“Diane is an excellent tutor & the classes are varied” – Ufton Class Client

“I like the feeling of wellbeing after the sessions..” – Client of 4 years

Look out for these Pilates Exercises in my weekly Grow Leamington blog:

Roll-down Kneeling –

Stretch out the back and sides & relax

Stage 1-  
Stage 2-

Stage 3- 

Here’s details of my Classes in Leamington Spa:

Intermediate Pilates Class Wednesday @ 6.15pm
& Friday Beginners Pilates Class @ 2.30pm
both held at The Cloister’s Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic in Lower Leam Street Leamington Spa.

Both classes at The Cloisters have a maximum of 10 clients attending in order for me to give personal help when needed. Telephone 01926 316420 and speak to Sarah to book your place.

I also teach 1:1’s & 1:2’s in my Studio in Southam. These are an hour long and cost only £35.
Ideal for complete beginners or those who are recovering from injury. These are good if you prefer a personal rather than group session. Some of my 1:1 clients have later come to my classes or vice versa.

Hope you enjoy the series and see you next week for your Pilates Exercise of the Week! 

Diane Clark

Tel: 07809 621142



Twitter: @Pilates_Diane