How does your business card shape up?

Article by Sandra Ashford 28.03.16  No self respecting business owner would be without a business card would they? No of course they wouldn’t. They are your shop window to all your services and products, provide your phone number, website address and other relevant information.

However, one of the things that always seem to be missing are your social media channels. The whole world and his dog are on social media nowadays, (yes dogs do have twitter accounts), so why wouldn’t you tell people you are too?

Is it enough to just have the symbol on the card? Yes if your twitter handle is the same as your business name, if not put the name of your account on. Don’t leave it to chance that they may visit your website and find out from there. Chances are they probably wont.

People need things to be easy, gone are the days people will trawl the internet looking for your information. Put it right in front of them then they are most likely to follow you on Twitter, or like you on Facebook.

The number of business cards I see on a daily basis that do not have this information on astounds me. Okay if you are on lots of different social media channels then maybe not a wise decision to put them all on, but I would say LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are probably the most popular. Although if you have an image driven business then maybe focus on Instagram and Pinterest.

Networking is the place I pick up most business cards, lets say a few, but in some instances it has been 20 plus, what do you do with them all?

Firstly I go through everyone and connect on social media platforms, well I would really wouldn’t I?. However as mentioned above not always easy. However I do make the effort to go to the website and find out from there. However this brings me onto another thing.

If you are on social media why haven’t you got your links on your website? Come on folks this is easy stuff. Most website developers will do this for little or no cost, just send them the links and they will do the rest. If they won’t or want to charge a massive fee, think it might be time to find a new web developer! #Just sayin’.

In today’s world we are always being asked to pay for this, that and the other, but all the things mentioned above are free. It is just another way to keep your name in the minds of your prospects and future customers.

If you need any help with the above I know lots of lovely designer and printers, and even web developers who would be more than willing to help you. So get in touch on twitter @SandraAshford”