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Article by Diane Clark 01.014.16

Hello, I’m Diane Clark the owner of Pilates with Diane.

I’ve been practising Pilates for 10 years. I started attending Pilates classes at my local Leisure Centre as well as working out in the Gym and going swimming. After only a few sessions I was “hooked” on Pilates and haven’t looked back since.

Every week I’ll be bringing you a new exercise that you can try. 

This week’s exercise is Pilates Roll-Down from Kneeling. This exercise is an adaptation of the traditional Roll-Down (Standing) exercise.


It aims to mobilise the back and stretch out the back and shoulders. In stages 2-4 the abdominal muscles are engaged as the torso rolls forwards and towards the floor. On the way up the upper abs (rectus abdominus) engage to restack the spine from the lumbar spine right up to the cervical spine of the neck. Complete 5 repetitions, then relax into Child’s Pose – Position 5 but with the head resting on the mat and the bottom on the heels – for 10 breaths.

1. Kneel with back straight, shoulders rolled down & back, head looking forwards. Engage stomach muscles. Inhale to prepare (1)


 2. Exhale & (nodding head down first) roll down until the hands reach the mat (2) & (3)

3. Inhale to prepare, then exhale & walk hands out onto mat, taking head in line with arms (4). Feel the stretch under the arms and in the upper back.

4. Feel the stretch under the arms and in the upper back. Also have a slight bend in the elbows so they rest on the mat. The tail bone should be positioned a few inches above the heels. Hold

5. Inhale (keeping the tummy hollowed)

6. Exhale & slowly slide the hands in, bringing the thighs to an upright position. (3) then (2). Inhale at the knees and tucking the pelvis under, roll up bringing the head up last to end in (1)

Repeat 5 more times

Hope you enjoy the series and see you next week for your Pilates Exercise of the Week!

Diane Clark


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