The 7.1 Key Steps to Building Your Authority OnlineStep 4 – Build Your Community

Article by Sam Thiara 01.06.15

“Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.” By Dorothy height.

In my last blog I discussed ‘How to target your market’. If you have taken the time to complete this step we move to creating and engaging our market/community.

Be it a voluntary cause; be it in your career or your business. By giving up your time, skills, expertise or other resources without expectation provides you with long lasting success and a strong foundation for your business. We have some great examples locally and none more so than Gary Jones; a great example of leadership in this area.

There is the age old saying that

‘you only get out what you put in’

and this true now as it was 1,000 years ago.

A case in point; Take the UK’s Health & Safety Executive, the government body that ensures we all live and work in a safe environment

The Health & Safety Executive often uses members of technical steering committees from within industry specific associations to ensure potential legislation is adequately reviewed and amended. Qualified and experienced engineers and consultants will often volunteer their valuable time to ensure those who work in potentially dangerous situations are kept safe. These unsung heroes keep you and i safe and often this work goes unnoticed by the majority. In my view they are truly the ‘rock stars’ of industry.

As an engineer by trade one of my passions is to help this community of ‘rock stars’ promote their expertise. In my voluntary role within a UK registered educational charity ( i offer online training to engineers across the UK with my ‘Engineering Your Future’ Blueprint.

Bringing together your community has never been easier. Social Media offers you great tools to help you find those you feel you can help the most, by getting them to join your online group. You could start your journey as an expert in your field by joining a group in your niche; establish your worth by making some significant contributions, sharing your expertise, helping answer questions posed by other members and then over time start to attract members to your own group.

Online forums, groups and meetups have no boundaries and this gives you the ability to spread your influence well beyond your physical location. Success will come to those who are actively visible as leaders in their industry/niche, who have authority in their subject matter and who are considered as thought leaders. Bringing this together by presenting and speaking at seminars, conferences and workshops will further enhance your authority.

So I’ll leave you with a question – Have you plans to setup your own group and take your position as an expert?

Look out for my next blog.


Sam Thiara,

International Sales Manager, Internet Marketer & Trainer

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