The 7.1 Key Steps to Building Your Authority Online- Step 6 – Create Your Solution

Article by Sam Thiara 25.07.16

In my last blog I discussed ways in which you could ask your growing community about the goals they are eager to achieve or the problems they want to overcome. No matter which end of the spectrum you sit at your goal is to craft a solution for them. This is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ as you go into the product creation phase.

For many new businesses, or existing ones who are building out their capabilities this stage of the process can often be fraught with many questions as you look to seek investment for the solution; be it time, money or additional resources, so it’s critical for your long term success to get your market opportunity, conceptual design, product or service creation process correct, even before your start to think about launching your solution to your community.

Pulling apart the problem and laying this out in a format that can be visualised is a great way to see your solution taking shape. Mind mapping, a form of visual outlining, may seem superficial, but once mastered it provides a powerful tool for managing information overload, helping the overall productivity process and reducing risk. Sharing your ideas in this way with others in your team can lead to significant collaboration further helping to minimise errors that could negatively impact the quality of your product or service.

The dilemma for many career and business professionals and more so for those who have responsibility to grow their businesses; be it a start-up or an established business, the art of marketing is often new, or not fully understood, to many whose primary skill or expertise lies is in their subject matter. 

Having spent a decade and more following a very traditional marketing & sales process to promote and sell my products and services, i like many other professionals just could not overcome that ‘famine and feast’ cycle that plagues so many of us. So when I looked in the mirror and asked ‘what more can I do to spread the word about my business?’ the million dollar question that seeks an answer … the Holy Grail of generating consistent high quality leads. So I began to undertake comprehensive research in the UK and overseas, across both online and offline environments and kept asking the question to the problem I and many others suffer with.

I studied the best marketers in the world and came across a very powerful marketing approach that is only known to and implemented by a relative few, those few who just happen to be the most successful.

The concept is a well proven one; we call it the ‘product staircase’, one that many online entrepreneurs those traditional businesses who tap into the power, reach and scale of online marketing.

Each step of the product or ‘value’ staircase offers your customers a service and the opportunity to purchase a product for that service. However you have to be careful in drafting your product staircase. If customers can’t get anything of value, they will not only refuse to buy any more of your follow on or ‘back-end’ products, they probably won’t go back to your business since they might feel cheated.

Successful businesses have a range of products/services in their front-end, mid-tier and back-end offers/offers.

A front-end product would be the content that teaches your customers the basic information about the solutions they seek. Once they take the first step and make a purchase it’s important to offer more steps so customers get more value from you and helping you grow your business.

For those that struggle to build a highly profitable and scalable business it’s often down to not having a structured set of products/services at the back-end as this is where the bulk of your revenue comes and offers some businesses a highly leverage business model. 

So what is a perfect, low cost high impact front-end offer?

An e-book is a perfect entry level ‘digital’ product that showcases your expertise in the least intrusive manner possible and offers the opportunity to provide you with a marketing strategy to help generate high quality leads.

 This is a proven marketing tool used by start-ups, career and business professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs the world over. It is by no means the only front-end offer but one that can easily be created by the vast majority.

 Step 7 of this series of articles will discuss how you reach your perfect customer using online marketing to run advertising and marketing campaigns on ‘autopilot’. This is where your business has the potential to grow and scale significantly getting you to the position of being ‘oversubscribed’.


Look out for my next blog.


Sam Thiara,

International Sales Manager, Internet Marketer & Trainer