Your Audio Business Card 

Article by Ernie Boxall 02.09.16

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Each week Ernie will be bringing you a separate video that will help you deliver your Audio Business Card. 

Ernie Boxall wasn’t born to be a speaker, though he loved his parents deeply they didn’t exactly instill self confidence in him. But, he quickly realized that we all have a story.

In our daily lives and in our working lives that story shapes us, whether we keep it inside or tell the world. What holds people back in life and in business is the inability to tell the story with interest, with energy and with impact!

Our story will be about the life we have lived and the work we are doing, a story of love, tragedy or a 60 Second Presentation to business colleagues. For sixty years he has been a passionate communicator, whether it was as a player, coach, instructor or performer, he has found the voice to match the position. Working together Ernie’s clients can find their voice and make sure they communicate their story effectively.

Ernie now delivers keynote speeches and has been a guest on national and international podcasts with Gary Foster, Doug Foresta, Michael Egon, Kevin Appleby, Mark Sephton, and Radio Warwickshire’s own Leanne.

Ernie is adding a new road to entrepreneurial success now by speaking and mentoring speakers to complete the circle of physical and verbal communication. And for the moment can be contacted still at or Email

 Hope you enjoy!!