3 Podcasts, 2 Sausages and 1 Seminar, it’s going to be a busy Wednesday!

Article by Gary Jones 26.09.16

I love events and I cannot wait for Wednesday as I’ll be speaking and exhibiting at the Stratford Business Show. 

What will you find on my stand?  
On my stand you will find three bowls to put your business card in where you can get some great pieces of information to help you and your business.  

Bowl 1 More information about our networking events and a FREE networking PDF full of networking tips and advice.  

Bowl 2 FREE PDF all about how you can get involved with networking hours and get the most out of them.  

Bowl 3 Learn more about Grow Leamington and how you can get involved with it. I’ll send you a FREE article to get you to started and to see if you would like to get involved. 

Plan for Wednesday!! 

With so much going on, I wanted to you to know what will be happening on the day as I will be releasing new content all day!

So here it is and how you can get involved-

8:00- 9:00am- Pre Business Show Breakfast 

You can join us for a sausage or bacon sandwich for the pre show networking event. You can still get tickets by clicking here. 

9:00- 10:00am- On my Stand and Podcast 1 is released. 

Come and see me at my stand and have a chance to get on my radio show. The question of the day is ” If you were to give you one business tip to anyone, what would it be?”

Also I’ll be releasing the first of three podcasts at 9.00am. The first one will be with the lovely Marie Haycocks

10:00-10:30am- Seminar Time

I’ll be talking about the 5 lessons I have learnt through networking. I’ll be giving you tips about how to improve your networking, business that you can take away straight from the talk. 

This is a FREE talk and you can get tickets using the link by clicking here! 

10:30- 11:00am- On my Stand

I’ll be there answering any questions about the presentation and meeting with really cool people. I’ll be doing more interviews during this period too. 

11:00am- 12:30pm- Waking the Dog!

Family always comes first and I am dog walking duties today so I’ll be away from the stand at this point. Come and visit and put your business card in one of the three bowls to get some cool FREE information! 

12:30- 3:00pm- On my Stand and Podcast 2 is released.  

I’ll be back interviewing more cool people, giving out networking and social media tips and giving away a free bottle of fizz!

Also I’ll be releasing the 2nd podcast of the day. This one will feature the local legend Ernie Boxall at 12:30pm. 

3:00- 4:00pm- Packing up but it’s not over just yet…. 

Even though the show is finished, we haven’t over at Leamington Hour. I will be releasing the 3rd Podcast of the Day with the lovely Ian Burnett at 3:00pm. 

4:00- 5:00pm- Leamington Hour on Twitter!

Join us online for a busy hour on networking on twitter using #leamingtonhour. Simply put thhis hashtag in your tweets and talk, engage and follow conversations and connect with people online. 

5:00- 6:00pm- Leamington Hour Radio Show

You can listen to the latest Leamington Hour Radio Show on Radio Warwickshire. We have two brilliant interviews from The Best of Solihull and Zoe Bennett. We also have music from Man Made Moon and information about a cool event coming up in October. 

This show will also be available to download as a podcast straight afterwards. 

What’s going to happen after the event?

I’ll be emailing out all the interviews to you so you can use them on websites etc. They will go onto my radio show next week. The show is aired on Radio Warwickshire on Monday between 6:30-7:30pm and Wednesday between 5:00-6:00pm. This will then be available to download after the show at 6:00pm. 

Also, I will be connecting with everyone on LinkedIn and I hope to keep in touch with everyone I meet at the show. 

It’s going to be a busy day but I hope I see you there!!