First Good Reason to Use Promotional Gifts


By Cre8tive Brand Ideas- 23/01/19

In a hyper-competitive market, you have to do more to stand out and over the next few weeks, We will be giving you four good reasons to use promotional gifts to stand out.

Our first reason is……

1. Be Memorable

Every piece of digital marketing is just one click away from delete. It’s all too easy to ignore an email from someone you don’t know and because social media timelines move fast (and reach is limited), a big chunk of your audience will never even see your posts.If people don’t know who you are, how can they buy from you?

This is where promotional goods can make a difference.
Promotional merchandise gives your business a physical presence in a customer’s life.

From pens to water bottles, to coasters, and trolley coins, you have 1000’s of ways to keep your business at the forefront of their mind. It means you can be on their desk, in their bag, on a wall, or in the cupboard – plenty of opportunities for a prospect to see your brand and connect with it.

This is especially true because it’s harder to throw physical items away! You have to pick them up and take them to the bin. And if the item is deemed ‘useful’ it can be even harder to discard.

So put your brand, slogan (or any other relevant images and words) on a physical item and make it harder for your customers to forget you.

When a customer is ready to buy, you could be the one they call.

Join us next week for reason 2, in the meantime, if you do need anything then please call us on 08451 30 87 30 and let us know!