Third Good Reason to Use Promotional Gifts

By Cre8tive Brand Ideas- 06/02/19

In a hyper-competitive market, you have to do more to stand out and over the next few weeks, We will be giving you four good reasons to use promotional gifts to stand out.

Our third reason is…… 

Start Conversations

One significant advantage of promotional goods is you can wrap stories around the items you pick.

For sure, there are practical choices. For example, you might want to brand bags for an exhibition or give away pens at an event.

But that’s just scratching the surface of the possibilities. 

Branded goods also create talking points in direct mail promotions. 

For example, you could brand:

· Water bottles and ask prospects if they’re ‘thirsty for more business?’
· Rulers if you want to ‘tell it straight’.
· Trolley coins if your message is ‘on the money’.
· Torches can help people ‘see the light’.
· Umbrellas may inspire people to ‘splash out’.

You get the idea! 

It’s how promotional merchandise plus creativity can add a new dimension to your marketing. 

And with thousands of items to choose from, there’s a good chance you’ll be surprised by the countless opportunities that exist to get people talking. 

Join us next week for reason 4 and how to get started, in the meantime, if you do need anything then please call us on 08451 30 87 30 and let us know!