Fourth Good Reason to Use Promotional Gifts

By Cre8tive Brand Ideas- 13/02/19

In a hyper-competitive market, you have to do more to stand out and over the last few weeks we have been giving you some reasons to use promotional gifts to stand out.

Our fourth and final reason is…… 

Less competition

Most companies will do marketing that’s free and hope for the best! 

As you are aware there is hefty competition in the inbox, however by changing your your marketing strategy to include promotional merchandise will mean that you are almost alone in the letterbox.

It’s your return on investment
So while promotional goods may require more investment than digital alternatives, it’s Return on Investment not costs that count
And if promotional goods bring you quality leads that convert into sales, is that not worth factoring into the marketing mix? 
How to get started

Promotional goods can add a new dimension to your marketing. 

From memorable giveaways to products that form part of a broader drip campaign, you have a HUGE range of options. 

And we’d love to help you explore them.

Remember, you don’t have to default to pens! 

Instead, think about the conversation you want to spark and find items that enhance this message. That way you’re not only sending a prospect your company name, but you’re also kick-starting thoughts and conversations that could lead to a sale. 

Here at Cre8tive Brand Ideas, we blend promotional merchandise with the creative thinking that gets you results. Involved in your product from start to finish, we’re more than a supplier. Instead, we’re here to ensure you receive exactly what you need – on time, in the right quantity, at a great price each and every time!. 

So if you’re ready to see promotional goods in a whole new light, we’d love the chance to chat, so please give us a call on  08451 30 87 30