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Article by Gary Jones 08.06.16

I am very proud and excited to have my own weekly radio show!!

This is on radio warwickshire on Mondays 6:30-7:30pm and is repeated on Wednesdays between 5:00-6:00pm. 

I love it! It is my chance to meet new and exciting people, promote businesses and events that are happening locally. 

All of the shows are available to download after 6pm on Wednesdays. You can find all the shows below:

Listen to all of the past shows here:

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I will be adding more shows as they come out so keep referring to this for all the latest shows!
Hope you enjoy these radio shows and if you want to get into the show then please let me know. 

All the best,
Gary Jones


Leamington Hour

The 7.1 Key Steps to Building Your Authority Online

Article by Sam Thiara 11.04.16

Step 1 – Establish Your Vision

Have you ever thought about where you are headed? Ever thought about why your career or business is somehow not where you thought it would be? Or are you a super achiever and well on your way to amazing success.

Or do you live day to day, with the occasional ‘dip’ into dreaming about what you would like to do, but often not having ‘gusto’ to see it through. It ails us all at times and most will quietly admit to themselves that it’s not possible, they don’t have the money, time or often do not believe they are the ones who could have it all. In reality they let it pass and become comfortable in their present situation. 

Something inside you needs to ‘stir’, something that drives your emotions and you know when you’re onto a winner when someone says this of you; – “He’s got a fire in the belly”. 

This is a great indicator to begin to clarify one’s vision and get you started.


If you want more from your life; be it more time, money or freedom you need to look at WHY you must achieve the goal you have dreamed of for so long.

Here’s a quick example that will help you clarify your vision, mission and values:

Imagine you’re going out for a meal with your boyfriend or girlfriend (or husband or wife, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is busy!).

“Even without knowing it, you use vision, mission and values as a system to check in”.  

• Your vision is where you’re headed. It’s what success looks like. So, after you’ve gone out on your date, your vision might be:

“The future I’m trying to create is a warm fuzzy one. Satisfied, happy and reconnected. And this vision will be manifested by us cuddling up on the sofa when we get home.”

 • Your mission is your purpose and what you’ll do to fulfill your vision. It can also encompass the reason you do what you’re doing. So on your night out, your mission statement might read:

“I aim to catch up with the one I love after a long hard week, looking into their eyes, listening and sharing the quality time we deserve. Because time is precious, but nothing’s more precious than love”. 

• Your values are what’s important to you. Your values are the foundation of who you are, and what’s unique about you. They also define the edges of what you’ll do or not do (you can often tell when your values are transgressed because you feel an upsurge of anger – “how dare they?!”). On your night out your values might be:

“I love to talk and I love to listen, so I love a place where there’s music, but it’s not too loud. I love intimacy, but I love to see what I’m eating (so subdued lighting, but not so dark I’m squinting). I love any food except fish & chips, but I live for great sushi.”

“You can often tell when your values are not aligned because you feel frustrated, annoyed or irritated”

So when it comes to your business you need to work through the process and picture your perfect business and more importantly the outcomes you want to see as a result.

Remember how Muhammad Ali literally pictured the round in which he would knock out his competition and Sylvester Stallone who never gave up his script for Rocky because he saw himself in the lead role, even though the film studios offered him a six figure fee but refused, all the while he had no income coming in.

 So no matter if you have a hobby, part time business, a job/career or already run a successful business, if you have not had the success you first envisaged maybe it’s time to change your ‘old thinking’ habits.

Look out for my next blog and I hope you take some time out and have a go…it will help as we get to Step 2 and your path to greater success. 

 Sam Thiara,
International Sales Manager, Internet Marketer & Trainer.


The Mindful, Stress Free Christmas? 

Article by Mita Mistry 21.12.15

I recently read a post by Deepak Chopra on how to handle festive stress and totally loved how he paints the picture so succinctly

“We all know the complaints: family grievances, stressful shopping, never enough time to get everything done, fatigue and collapse. Therapists brace themselves for the holidays as depressed patients become more depressed, addictive patients become more addicted and winter grayness casts its pall.” Sound familiar? Sadly it’s a global phenomenon not unique to us folk in the UK and it’s not anyone’s fault, but for many it can be the most stressful time of the year. 

The festive period is meant to be “the season to be jolly” and perhaps the most inspiring time of the year. BUT that is not the case for many people. For some it’s a very lonely time for missing loved ones that have departed or grieving the absence of family and friends. On the other end of the spectrum those blessed with large or small families may feel just as low and dread spending time with them.

Whatever your situation, here are some tips to help you manage festive stress mindfully and feel the spirit of the season;

1. Look after YOU 

Emotionally, many people enter the holiday period like time bombs of suppressed emotions. They have been operating on “autopilot” busy “doing things” and don’t even realise they are stressed and can’t help themselves but to blurt out pent up feelings they have been hiding since last year. No matter how much you feel entitled to payback criticism or resentment to family or friends, don’t aim them at another person. Instead take a step back and keep your emotions in check by releasing them in private.

The simplest way to avoid an emotional outburst is to check in with you. Do something that helps you to feel content and calm. Try walking, having a relaxing bath, reading, meditating, writing, cooking, exercising or anything that works. If you’re still struggling to keep your emotions in check, try this mindfulness program.

If you are unsure if you are stressed or carrying pent up emotions, symptoms such as poor sleep patterns, headaches, palpitations, anxiety, low mood, irritability, shoulder pain, and back pain may be tell tale signs. You see, in Chinese Medicine stress and negative emotions block free flowing energy of the “Five Elements” Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood that can manifest as some of the signs above.

2. Presence or Presents?

Presents do not have to be huge, expensive, state-of-the-art, bells and whistles stuff to show affection and appreciation. Surely the thought someone puts into a gift, however small, is worth a lot more? It maybe worth taking a step back and asking yourself if you are getting caught up in the commercial madness?

There is much truth in the sentiment “it’s the thought that counts”. In fact most people want simple things your presence, appreciation, gratitude, affection, someone who will listen. When you consciously provide any of those things, magic flows (it really does J).

Traditionally, presents were not the main focus of this celebration; it is a day of presence – love, family, friends, fun, magic, Santa, Rudolph and Santa’s little helpers.

3. Let go of “perfection”. It doesn’t exist.

We are bombarded with the perfect picture of Christmas, TV adverts, films, and magazines are all guilty of portraying the perfect decorations, perfectly wrapped presents under the perfect Christmas tree with the perfect family meal being enjoyed by the perfect guests. In reality things are not always perfect. In fact, nothing is perfect because imperfection is the norm. BUT it’s knowing this and learning to live with perfect imperfections which influences fulfilling experiences.

The key is to be realistic and let go of expectations of YOU and others to deliver the “perfect” Christmas. Surely your friends and family will be more interested in spending time with you than seeing your perfect Christmas tree, unwrapping your prefect present and drinking your perfect cocktails? If not, then maybe take a step back and check that expectations are realistic. Remember, life is full of challenges and people are probably trying to do the best they can but sadly, sometimes our best is not good enough. As much as we may want to, we can’t please everyone, accept that – it’s human nature. Don’t take it personally, let it go and move forward gracefully. YOU are good enough. 

4. Kindness, Acceptance & Gratitude 

We are all unique individuals with our own ideas and values, our life experiences shape our thoughts and in the here and now they can be very different to those of your family’s even though you share a biological history and grew up together. Life moves on, people move on we all change. Try to embrace the differences with family members and be grateful for their efforts, however big or small. Accept and respect them for who they are and have become regardless of your shared family connection. Be mindful if you have been put in a box or have put people in a box they no longer fit in.

Sadly, some people are difficult, and it can be hard to get around it. One useful tip is to manage that is to try and focus on their good qualities as it can help to tolerate their flaws whether that is the bad temper, cutting remarks, self absorbed nature etc. Don’t react or argue with them just let them be. Why not be the bigger person and show that awkward relative some kindness? After all, do you really know the full picture of what is going on in their life or what their issues are? Notice how much better you feel about yourself when you infuse kindness into a tense situation.

5. Share & Prepare

This is obvious but sometimes we need a gentle reminder to be mindful of not taking on everything. Keep things simple and share the organisation of festive celebrations with your nearest and dearest. Communicate openly, people are generally reasonable and are probably happy to help out if not, be more assertive and delegate. It makes everyone’s life easier and more fun when there is a spirit of sharing.

I hope you manage to have a stress free happy Christmas. Remember it IS a time for celebration, peace, goodwill, love, charity and lightheartedness. Try and keep a perspective on life, it’s too short to be miserable, try and be grateful for all that you have and spare a thought for the less fortunate.

Stay Cool This Christmas

Article by Daniel Browne 16.12.15

Christmas is supposedly a time for peace, love and joy to all mankind. However, it can so often become a stressful period fraught with worrying, fall outs, and trying to live up to what society has come to view as being a perfect Christmas. It doesn’t need to be like that, though.

With so many people saying that the festive period is a stressful time of year, I’d like to share my top tips for ensuring Christmas is indeed filled with peace, love and joy.

Cut down the ‘to do’ list

There’s just so much we have to do at Christmas time, right? Wrong. The question to ask yourself here is ‘what will happen if I don’t do this?’ If the answer is anything less than COMPLETE DISASTER, consider removing it from the list. The aim here is to cut down on the amount you have to do at Christmas by realising that you don’t actually have to do all those things.

Reduce the gift list

Have a look at the gift list you’ve written and consider whether you need to buy presents for all of those people. If you only see someone once a year (at Christmas), is it really necessary to buy them a present? Thinking about who you really need to buy presents for should help you reduce your gift list and in the process alleviate any stress you may feel about affording to buy all the presents or wondering what on Earth to get someone.

Tell yourself that grand gestures are not really necessary

It can be easy to get carried away at Christmas, but are the grand gestures really worth the stress that can accompany them? If you feel the need to get a present for someone, it doesn’t need to be expensive. Smaller, simpler gestures can often mean more to the recipient, so keep this tip in mind when planning for the big day.

Wrap as you go

I don’t think anyone likes to spend Christmas Eve wrapping all of the presents. It can be time consuming and you could be doing more enjoyable things with your time. Wrapping presents as you buy them can make it seem like less of a chore.

Cut down on the obsessive cleaning

If you have family or friends coming to visit you over the festive period, by all means clean up the public areas of your home, such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room. The private areas of your home (i.e. the rooms where your guests won’t be going) can wait though. Letting standards slip slightly over Christmas isn’t such a bad thing. Once the festivities are over you’ll be able to get all of the housework done, but it’s good to be able to take some time out to enjoy yourself and not worry about how clean the house is.

A bit of cheating is ok

It’s lovely if everything is homemade and perfect, but the reality is that it’s time consuming, often more expensive, and can be stressful. Buying items such as ready-made stuffing, gravy granules, and an easy to carve turkey crown can save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress. This allows you to relax a bit more and enjoy the day.

It’s all in the planning

I’m a big fan of making lists for just about everything in life. It provides a focus and shows a concrete plan for something. Making a list in advance of all the things you need to do in the lead up to Christmas can help bring order to chaos and you may well find that everything runs a bit smoother than usual. Plan who you are going to buy presents, what you are going to buy them, and what your budget for gifts is. Work out what food you need for the period and start buying items in advance. Doing things this way can be much easier than leaving it all until the last minute and going into meltdown.


It’s not all up to you. If you have a partner, children or other family members, be sure to get them involved and delegate certain tasks to them. Not only will it make your role a bit easier; it’s also positive to involve others in the preparation for this special time of year. Even if you feel something may be done quicker if you do it yourself, involving others could help them to feel part of the festive preparations and it will surely relieve any pressure you feel.

Make sure you have some ‘me time’

It can be so easy to get caught up in the Christmas whirlwind that we end up neglecting our own needs. ‘Me time’ is important all year round, but it’s even more crucial during the festive season. Whether it’s taking the dog for a walk, meeting friends for coffee, or sending everyone out for the day so you have the house to yourself, taking some time out to indulge in yourself is something that you’ll thank yourself for later (and your family may thank you for it too).
I wish you a very merry Christmas.

Daniel Browne

Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Expert

The First Leamington Hour’s Christmas Business Fair

Article by Gary Jones 06.11.15

I am proud to announce a partnership with Love Handmade Fairs for our first Christmas Business Fair.
We have over 50 spaces available for you to exhibit your business. The handmade fair starts at 5pm and the networking starts at 7pm and finishing at 9pm.
You have the opportunity to meet with over 10 suppliers of the nicest handmade goods in Warwickshire. You can buy your presents there and the other half with never know (well until Christmas that is!).

 We have 3 great presentations starting at 7.30pm from Zak Roby, Kelly Taylor and a special guest speaker!! 

Food and drink will be available on the night and if you wanted to sponsor this or bring food along then please let me know. 

Expecting over 200 people to visit the exhibition and come to the networking event!!

If you would like to get more information or get a stall then email me at 

The stalls are FREE but spaces are limited. (Please note we cannot supply tables or props but the spaces are large enough for them). We will have space for leaflets and pull banners. 

If you have a pull up banner then you can exhibit!!

To get your free ticket then click on the link below.

See you there!!

10 Great Webpages to kickstart your Marathon Training. 

Article by Gary Jones 28.10.15  

Firstly, Are you mad? 

The marathon distance of 26.2 miles takes preparation and time to complete before, during and after the event. Yes, there are further distances you can but the marathon does hold a certain appeal that in my opinion can’t beat. 
Last time I completed a marathon I didn’t put the training in so I have unfinished business and a 5 hours 38 minute marathon to beat. Next time it will be different and I will put the training in the complete and enjoy it. 

I did however compile so good webpages that helped with my training including training plans, podcasts to listen to and tips for recovery. 

Training plans

1. 3 day training plan-

2. 16 week training plans-

Training advice

3. Marathon training advice-

4. Marathon race time predictor

Training podcast

5. Marathon Talk

Recovery after the marathon

6. Recovering from a marathon

7. Recovering from a marathon

8. Reverse taper recovery plan

9. Recovery plan for Ladies.

Marathon history


I hope you find these useful and if you have any better suggestions then please let me know. 

Al the best,

Gary Jones

Titan Storage Solutions & Leamington Hour and Grow Leamington

My Story

Article by Simon Perkin 26.10.15

Did you know that Warwick family man, Simon Perkin (now working with JuicePLUS) recently competed in the British Transplant Games, just 3 years after having, not one but two rounds of intensive chemotherapy and two bone marrow transplants. He won a Gold Medal in the 1500 metres and Silver in the 5K. 
Simon had been diagnosed with Blood Cancer and his only hope of a cure was a bone marrow transplant. This was only made possible by the fantastic work of the charity, Anthony Nolan, who found him a match from a kind German donor. 
Simon had a punishing 138 days in isolation in hospital and suffered major complications and setbacks, including glandular fever and shingles. For over a year, he was not able to mix socially because of risk of infection. Simon’s life was on hold and he was fearful of the future. 
This all changed when he was introduced to the best and most scientifically researched whole food nutritional product on the planet, known as JuicePLUS. 

This long established product with so much Gold Standard science behind it, is the choice of many top athletes and families all over the world – it’s simply fruits, vegetables and berries in a capsule and full of only goodness for our bodies. The whole food capsules are taken daily, in addition to a well balanced diet.
Simon is living proof of the many benefits of JuicePLUS. Within less than 15 months of taking JuicePLUS, Simon completed the London Marathon in 3 hours 31 minutes. He remains completely in remission, full of energy and continues to amaze his doctors and medics, because he remains completely free of infection and is so healthy. 
I would recommend you take a look at what nurses are saying in this 6 minute video and place your order before the winter sets in and it’s too late. If you order via Simon, he will arrange for children or grandchildren to get the product absolutely free – how good is that ? Check out 

Best Wishes 
Simon Perkin FCIPD, MCMI, BA Hons (Econ)

01926 497007

Time to save a life ? Check out
Too busy & stressed out ? If you are looking for the very best nutritional solution each & every day, every month, every year, would you like to try the most scientifically researched whole food nutritional product in the World ? It’s been around for over 23 years, used by Bear Grylls & the 2012 German, Austrian & Swiss Olympians. Clinically proven to…

– Deliver antioxidants to the bloodstream

– Help support heart health

– Promote a healthier immune system 

– Protect DNA 

– Reduce oxidative stress

– Support skin & gum health 

– Strengthen nails & hair 
To get the best & feel amazing – start here 

My First Charity Bike Event

Article by Gary Jones (Leamington Hour) 05.10.15


“I have an idea?……..” Was how this all started. In September 2012, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and my team at work. I was inspired after the Olympics and wanted to push myself.

So I decided that a sporting challenge based in Oxford would be perfect (Oxford was where I was based when I managed Ernest Jones at the time). I wanted to link it to Oxford so I found it was twinned with many place’s. An idea had been formed so I looked into the logistics of cycling to them.

Almost straight away Bonn in Germany looked good and being 440 miles away, I thought we could do it in 5 days. LA Fitness would supply the bike and the Clarendon Centre (Where my store was located) would be the location.

2 month’s later and a little training done and we had a plan.


Plan of Attack!!!

Day 1- From Oxford to the Channel Tunnel- 97.96 miles (156.73km)
Day 2-Channel tunnel to Avenue De France- 73.38 miles (117km)
Day 3- Avenue De France to E411 (Belgium) 118.50 miles (190.70km)
Day 4- E411 (Belgium) to A44 (Germany) 92.30 miles (147km)
Day 5- A44 (Germany) to Bonn (Germany) 57.85 miles (92.56km)

The plan was set and the bike was ready by 9.30am so it was ready to go.

The main plan was for me to do the majority of the riding and when other people were available they would help out to.

To do that we had a rota for people to go on the bike. That way I knew when I was going to be on the bike. The planning before was stressful but during the event it worked out.

The application was straight forward. I rode when the bike was free and when one of the team was on I had a break.

We started riding at 9am and finish between 4.30-5.30pm (the bike had to be locked up in the shop at night). We hit the target distances everyday and we actually got ahead of schedule. We rode as a unit and everyone helped out.


At 12.30pm we finish the 441.8miles (709.97km) in 28 hours & 17 minutes.

We raised over £1600 for Marie Curie over the 5 day’s, had a good time on the bike and raised awareness of cycling in the Clarendon Centre.

A big thank to the team of rider’s who helped, LA Fitness for supporting the event and the equipment, The Clarendon Centre for the venue and Ernest Jones who supported the event from the start. Without you guy’s we would never of finished it and raised what we did!!!

Below is the statistics of each day. 

Day 1-  Thursday 15th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 175.34 km

Total Time Rode- 6 hour and 28 minutes

Number of Riders- 5


Day 2- Friday 16th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 140.25 km

Total Time Rode- 5 hours and 51 minutes

Number of Riders- 5


Day 3- Saturday 17th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 197.03 km

Total Time Rode- 7 hours and 26 minutes

Number of Riders- 5


Day 4- Sunday 18th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 137.28 km

Total Time Rode- 5 hours and 41 minutes

Number of Riders- 4


Day 5- Monday 19th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 60.01 km

Total Time Rode- 2 hours and 44 minutes

Number of Riders- 3

If you are interested in completing one of these events or want to have a chat about organising or sponsoring one then please let me know. 

Al the best,

Gary Jones

(Leamington Hour and Grow Leamington)