Could YOU be missing something ?​​​​

Article by Simon Perkin 15.06.16

As Napoleon Hill wrote, ‘every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit’. Are you looking for your opportunity ? 

In my case, I was struck down with Blood Cancer and my whole world fell apart. I was fearful of the future.

 Why did it happen ? Well. To be honest, we will never know but I believe it was all down to my lifestyle. When I look back, I was working long hours (60 hours plus a week) in a stressful job, drinking heavily (15 pints plus a week) and although I was exercising regularly, my diet was poor. I was no different to about 85 to 90% of the population, not eating my 5 a day in fruits and vegetables. Thankfully, the wonderful NHS, friends, family and the Anthony Nolan Trust and a very kind stranger, who donated their bone marrow, came to my rescue.

Fours years later, I am probably fitter now than I have ever been. As any leading scientist and doctors will tell you, good health is not just about good luck or good genes, there’s science behind it. My good health is no fluke or accident. I have worked hard at it and I am now on a mission to give something back.

Who do you know who is overworked and under paid ? Who do you know who is not paying attention to their health ? Is it time to get the balance back in your life ? 

Napoleon Hill continues to write, ‘if the opportunity is not immediately apparent, keep on looking. If you still can’t find opportunity, get busy and make your own’.

Imagine if you could, but you never did do anything about your health. 

Feel free to contact me via and let’s meet up for a coffee or a beer / glass of wine.

Listen to all the Leamington Hour Radio Shows

Article by Gary Jones 08.06.16

I am very proud and excited to have my own weekly radio show!!

This is on radio warwickshire on Mondays 6:30-7:30pm and is repeated on Wednesdays between 5:00-6:00pm. 

I love it! It is my chance to meet new and exciting people, promote businesses and events that are happening locally. 

All of the shows are available to download after 6pm on Wednesdays. You can find all the shows below:

Listen to all of the past shows here:

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I will be adding more shows as they come out so keep referring to this for all the latest shows!
Hope you enjoy these radio shows and if you want to get into the show then please let me know. 

All the best,
Gary Jones


Leamington Hour

Spending Christmas with the family. What’s a good exercise to do at home?

Article by Ernie Boxall 14.12.15
  How can you build an exercise programme at home, with basic equipment and a minimum of time?

As an experienced Personal Trainer it often falls to me to offer suggestions to my clients over Christmas when spending time with the family takes precedence over the gym. 

A favourite method I’ve used for many years needs just a pack of cards and an exercise mat. Each exercise is being represented by a suit of cards. 

Hearts = Sit Ups: Diamonds = Press Ups: Spades = Squats: Clubs = Step Ups.

Turn up the top card and complete the required number of repetitions (ie) 10 of Hearts=10 Sit Ups etc. You can decide whether the Ace equals 1 or 14 and whether you want to include the Jokers (not to begin with I suggest)

Make sure that you are comfortable with your technique throughout the session and then just work your way through the pack. 

This method has many advantages amongst which are:

1. Cheap. A pack of cards and exercise mat; The studio can be the carpet in your front room. 

2. Controlled. You determine the speed at which you complete the exercises. 

3. Psychologically beneficial. You do not know which exercise comes next, so you cannot settle into a routine.

This last point is vital to the session’s outcome. Imagine that you have just turned over the 10 of Diamonds: 10 Press Ups, it’s halfway through the session and you’re getting tired. You complete the 10 reps and then turn up the King of Diamonds=13 Press Ups. Psychologically this is very demanding and who knows whether the next card couldn’t be the Queen of Diamonds=another 12.

The next factor to be considered is the simple requirement of standing up and lying down. Again we are looking at both physical and psychological factors here: Let’s take the example of 10 of Hearts=10 Sit ups; followed by 8 of Diamonds= 8 Press Ups; 9 of Spades= Standing up for 9 squats then 8 of Hearts= getting down on the floor again for the Sit Ups. Very demanding for the average fitness member.

Finally, we look at the ways we can make the session more testing as fitness improves:

1. Increase the intensity of the exercises performed by (a) changing the body position of the exercise (b) adding weights to the exercises. 

2. Decrease the rest periods between the exercises. 

3. Increase the tempo of the exercises.

This is one of the methods we use at Balance Health and Fitness to increase the physical and psychological fitness of our members, no matter what level of ability they have joined us with.
Ernie Boxall is CEO of Balance Health and Fitness,supporting personal,group and corporate wellbeing through Tai Chi,Shiatsu and Circuit Training.Find out more from
This article first appeared in on December 10th 2011 by Ernie Boxall

A Simple Business Guide For Using Twitter At Your Next Event

Article by Todd 30.11.15


If you’re in business then you’re probably either on Twitter, or you go to networking events.

Twitter became popular at a huge event in the US called ‘South by South West’ (SXSW) which is the place to launch anything in the tech world.

Although Twitter was already live by the time the 2007 SXSW show started, it was the way that Twitter was used at this event that propelled it into the limelight.

When Twitter first launched, no one ‘got it’.

It was simply too strange-a-concept to grasp and many joined Twitter, started to use it and then stopped as it confused them – it didn’t make sense!

Off the back of MySpace and Facebook, which were very visual, we weren’t ready for Twitter. Its short and concise nature didn’t suit everyone straight away and most users simply didn’t get why it could work.

… until SXSW that is…

At SXSW 2007, Twitter was used to share the journey and stories from the talks, and the people there. The live, up-to-date information-rich platform came into its own.

It was perfect for the event.

The ability to post frequently in a stream, coupled with a hashtag to tie it all in one place, suddenly made more sense.

Twitter became the tool to use at live events and it’s been my go-to weapon of social choice since I found it back in 2011.


Are You Using Twitter For Events In The Right Way?

Have you got Twitter sorted and all worked out for events?

You’re probably doing OK – but I guarantee there are things you’re not doing.

I tweet live for events and I thought I’d share with you my top tips for using Twitter at events. 

I’ve recently published a guide on using Twitter for events and you can get that here for free 

But here’s a snippet to get you on your way.

Before, During And After… Twitter Is A Storytelling Tool.

Most people I talk to only use Twitter on the day of the event and only when they’re actually there…

… if you’re doing this then you’re missing out on most of the action, leads and potential business!

For me, Twitter for events is before, during and after. 
1) Before Your Event – Planning And Following 

Before you go, before you buy your ticket or even before you know for sure that you’re going – get on Twitter!

There WILL be a hashtag for the event (or there should be).

Find the right one (best place to go is the website or Twitter for the organiser).

Find it and pop on and talk to people.

Make small talk, ask some questions, and follow them.

This is the perfect time to build connections as you have a common ground to base your conversation on.

My advice here is to build a list.

• Create a Twitter list for the event

• Call it something sensible

• Make it public

• Add anyone on the hashtag and anyone you talk to on this list.

This way you’ll have a great place to go back to on the day and after to find all the people you talked to.
Twitter is busy – really busy – so don’t make it hard for yourself.

Build a list early, and add people in after you reply or meet them. 

You can make this private if you don’t want them to know that you’re stalking them… but I never worry about that – it’s Twitter!

Keep connecting in the build up to the event and share your thoughts and feelings about the event.

 Be part of the build up – and tell others what you’ll be doing there and what you’ll be expecting. Use anything interesting to start a conversation.

 I read a book recently by Stefan Thomas. It’s called Business Networking for Dummies and Stef is a great believer that ‘everything starts from a little conversation’. I’m inclined to agree.

Start the conversations… and start them early. 


2) During Your Event – Storytelling And Sharing

“I never know what to say” is something I hear a lot as a social media trainer

“No one wants to hear about my breakfast.” 

That’s true I guess… unless you’re a personal trainer or nutritionist, that is. Or unless you have an unusual breakfast or you’re in a cool place.

But they will want to hear about exciting shows, and if you’re going to a show that’s relevant to your industry then even better.

 Events give you the perfect excuse to flex some Twitter muscle and get some interaction going. 

Share the day, the pictures, the talks, the events within the event.

Get your phone charged and share the speakers’ one-liners and the facts and insights that you hear.

Don’t forget that your smartphone can take photos and video. It saves you from typing and it’s better for your followers too, so tweet them out!

(Take loads of pictures and keep them as you can use them later. 

With all this interaction remember one thing. 


Use it on everything and use the right one (hopefully you will have checked this before you even started).

Every tweet you send on the day must have the hashtag in so your tweets appear on the hashtag timeline – and maybe even the big screen if they have one.

You may want to go and check out the hashtag timeline and chat to people while you’re there too. This can be beneficial but don’t forget there are real people there too, will you!?

You have your list too. So you can easily go and see what they’re saying.  

Not everyone will use the hashtag!

 Yup, not everyone will read this blog or have a copy of my Twitter guide  

Having those early tweeters and the hashtag users in your list means you can go and see what they’re saying at the touch of a button… even if they’re not using the hashtag.

When I run Twitter for events I monitor the hashtag AND the list.


3) After Your Event – Don’t Stop Now – It’s Homework Time

 Now the event is over don’t get any ideas about stopping your tweeting.

Share your thoughts and those pictures from the day. Hopefully you’ll have a good stock of images.

Powertip: Take photos of the exhibitors and speakers and then @mention them when you share them on the hashtag – exposure for them often means retweets for you, and then potential conversations. 

Also keep your eye on that hashtag and the list you created.

The conversation won’t stop so get involved and see what everyone else thought and see if you can make some new connections.

Follow people who were there and try to start conversations – you have the perfect excuse!

Follow up on any tweets or mentions that you may have missed and maybe take all your content and create a blog from it.

You have images and text… pull it all together for a post and share it with the organisers for some nice traffic to your site.

Business cards can be a ‘who to tweet’ reminder too.

You’re likely to collect some of these so get them out on your desk and go and hunt down their Twitter account and just tweet to say “nice to meet you at XXX event” and add the hashtag in, too.

 It’s a nice a friendly follow up and I find better then a dull email which everyone else will be doing. Don’t forget your follow up!

Don’t Just Tweet: Plan, Action And Follow Up 

Twitter is a powerful tool for events and if you’ve not seen any results from it in the past then maybe look at how you’re using it and make some positive changes.

 If you want more help on Twitter and how to use it for events then you can download my FREE guide 

It’s a full plan for attendees and organisers and goes into loads more detail.
Good luck and tweet me @SocialMediaTodd if you liked this post or want some more help

My Story

Article by Simon Perkin 26.10.15

Did you know that Warwick family man, Simon Perkin (now working with JuicePLUS) recently competed in the British Transplant Games, just 3 years after having, not one but two rounds of intensive chemotherapy and two bone marrow transplants. He won a Gold Medal in the 1500 metres and Silver in the 5K. 
Simon had been diagnosed with Blood Cancer and his only hope of a cure was a bone marrow transplant. This was only made possible by the fantastic work of the charity, Anthony Nolan, who found him a match from a kind German donor. 
Simon had a punishing 138 days in isolation in hospital and suffered major complications and setbacks, including glandular fever and shingles. For over a year, he was not able to mix socially because of risk of infection. Simon’s life was on hold and he was fearful of the future. 
This all changed when he was introduced to the best and most scientifically researched whole food nutritional product on the planet, known as JuicePLUS. 

This long established product with so much Gold Standard science behind it, is the choice of many top athletes and families all over the world – it’s simply fruits, vegetables and berries in a capsule and full of only goodness for our bodies. The whole food capsules are taken daily, in addition to a well balanced diet.
Simon is living proof of the many benefits of JuicePLUS. Within less than 15 months of taking JuicePLUS, Simon completed the London Marathon in 3 hours 31 minutes. He remains completely in remission, full of energy and continues to amaze his doctors and medics, because he remains completely free of infection and is so healthy. 
I would recommend you take a look at what nurses are saying in this 6 minute video and place your order before the winter sets in and it’s too late. If you order via Simon, he will arrange for children or grandchildren to get the product absolutely free – how good is that ? Check out 

Best Wishes 
Simon Perkin FCIPD, MCMI, BA Hons (Econ)

01926 497007

Time to save a life ? Check out
Too busy & stressed out ? If you are looking for the very best nutritional solution each & every day, every month, every year, would you like to try the most scientifically researched whole food nutritional product in the World ? It’s been around for over 23 years, used by Bear Grylls & the 2012 German, Austrian & Swiss Olympians. Clinically proven to…

– Deliver antioxidants to the bloodstream

– Help support heart health

– Promote a healthier immune system 

– Protect DNA 

– Reduce oxidative stress

– Support skin & gum health 

– Strengthen nails & hair 
To get the best & feel amazing – start here 

My First Charity Bike Event

Article by Gary Jones (Leamington Hour) 05.10.15


“I have an idea?……..” Was how this all started. In September 2012, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and my team at work. I was inspired after the Olympics and wanted to push myself.

So I decided that a sporting challenge based in Oxford would be perfect (Oxford was where I was based when I managed Ernest Jones at the time). I wanted to link it to Oxford so I found it was twinned with many place’s. An idea had been formed so I looked into the logistics of cycling to them.

Almost straight away Bonn in Germany looked good and being 440 miles away, I thought we could do it in 5 days. LA Fitness would supply the bike and the Clarendon Centre (Where my store was located) would be the location.

2 month’s later and a little training done and we had a plan.


Plan of Attack!!!

Day 1- From Oxford to the Channel Tunnel- 97.96 miles (156.73km)
Day 2-Channel tunnel to Avenue De France- 73.38 miles (117km)
Day 3- Avenue De France to E411 (Belgium) 118.50 miles (190.70km)
Day 4- E411 (Belgium) to A44 (Germany) 92.30 miles (147km)
Day 5- A44 (Germany) to Bonn (Germany) 57.85 miles (92.56km)

The plan was set and the bike was ready by 9.30am so it was ready to go.

The main plan was for me to do the majority of the riding and when other people were available they would help out to.

To do that we had a rota for people to go on the bike. That way I knew when I was going to be on the bike. The planning before was stressful but during the event it worked out.

The application was straight forward. I rode when the bike was free and when one of the team was on I had a break.

We started riding at 9am and finish between 4.30-5.30pm (the bike had to be locked up in the shop at night). We hit the target distances everyday and we actually got ahead of schedule. We rode as a unit and everyone helped out.


At 12.30pm we finish the 441.8miles (709.97km) in 28 hours & 17 minutes.

We raised over £1600 for Marie Curie over the 5 day’s, had a good time on the bike and raised awareness of cycling in the Clarendon Centre.

A big thank to the team of rider’s who helped, LA Fitness for supporting the event and the equipment, The Clarendon Centre for the venue and Ernest Jones who supported the event from the start. Without you guy’s we would never of finished it and raised what we did!!!

Below is the statistics of each day. 

Day 1-  Thursday 15th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 175.34 km

Total Time Rode- 6 hour and 28 minutes

Number of Riders- 5


Day 2- Friday 16th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 140.25 km

Total Time Rode- 5 hours and 51 minutes

Number of Riders- 5


Day 3- Saturday 17th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 197.03 km

Total Time Rode- 7 hours and 26 minutes

Number of Riders- 5


Day 4- Sunday 18th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 137.28 km

Total Time Rode- 5 hours and 41 minutes

Number of Riders- 4


Day 5- Monday 19th November 2012

Total Distance Rode- 60.01 km

Total Time Rode- 2 hours and 44 minutes

Number of Riders- 3

If you are interested in completing one of these events or want to have a chat about organising or sponsoring one then please let me know. 

Al the best,

Gary Jones

(Leamington Hour and Grow Leamington)




Local cycling club riders win again at Victoria park races

Article by Mita Mistry 27.04.15

Riders from Royal Leamington Spa Cycling Club took the annual Victoria Park criterium races by storm again on Saturday 18th April. 

Pete Crawford took his first win for RLSCC in his debut year of racing, to win the 4th Category race 1, gaining enough points to progress with his team mates Will Fitzgerald & Sam Taylor to become category 3 riders. Pete’s win echoed Will’s first win for RLSCC in the same races 3weeks ago. 

Top 10 finishes for other RLSCC riders have boosted the local club’s points haul in the British Cycling rankings, and is now the highest ranked club in Warwickshire and 3rd overall in the Midlands.

Kind regards,
m: 07968 176 112 
t: @MitaMistry

Cycling Clubs around Leamington Spa

Article by Gary Jones, Information supplied by Rebecca Mason and 22.04.15

As well as giving business advice, Rebecca Mason is a keen cyclist and time trialler. 

Here are links for cycling clubs/time trials in the local area to Leamington:


Coventry Road Club

Coventry Cycling Club (it’s not online at present, so you’ll have to keep checking it

Rugby Velo

Rugby Racing Cycling Club

Leamington Cycling & Athletics Club

Royal Leamington Spa Cycling Club

Kenilworth Wheelers

Warwickshire Ladies Cycling Club

Warwickshire Road Club


Many universities have cycling/athletics clubs as well.



Cycling Time Trails, this give all the open time trails all over the country, so people could find a club in their area here if they are not local to Leamington:

If you would like more information then please feel free to contact Rebecca or myself and we can happily help.